"Gli Appennini sono per me un pezzo meraviglioso del creato. Alla grande pianura della regione padana segue una catena di monti che si eleva dal basso per chiudere verso sud il continente tra due mari (....) è un così bizzarro groviglio di pareti montuose a ridosso l'una dall'altra; spesso non si può nemmeno distinguere in che direzione scorre l'acqua."
J. W. Goethe, Viaggio in Italia (1786 - 1788)

The most Beautiful Flower

A precious perl, set in the green, two steps far from home, to reach in a second and leave everything behind, for one day, for one month or just for a hour, what’s enough to relax the body and the spirit: this is the Appennine, our Appennine.
A continuous raid of green, shining in all its gradations and a running of shents, from the humid of the earth to the cutgrass, from the fair flowers eyeing in the fields at spring , to the first leaves fallingaway.

And if in the city the warmth becomes soffocating, or the greyness of the buildings brings a littleof sadness, this little “outdoor” trip offers greatpossibilities, forall tastes, for all ages, for all wallets.
The Appennine collects in itself all that youcan desire: renewal of the traditions, culture, history, but also sport, mouvement, trekking, healthy use of free time, good cuisine, pools and whatever cangladdens the visitor.

Very close to the urban centers, our zones offer incredible advantages, which is sufficient to discover and try, like the joy of tasting again the pleasure of friendship, of the group, of thehappy company, or the quietness of peace, of silence, of intimity:here there is only to choose; and it doesn’t occur to be poets to appreciate the beauties of which we are surrounded….each one of us hides in himself a desire of peace, of harmony with the world, which desires to come back on the surfaceevery time the adverse circumstances try to soffocate it, but in the right place, with the right balance, it canmerge leaving us, at least for a bit, blissful arbiter of ourexistence.

Author: Veronica Teglia

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