"Gli Appennini sono per me un pezzo meraviglioso del creato. Alla grande pianura della regione padana segue una catena di monti che si eleva dal basso per chiudere verso sud il continente tra due mari (....) è un così bizzarro groviglio di pareti montuose a ridosso l'una dall'altra; spesso non si può nemmeno distinguere in che direzione scorre l'acqua."
J. W. Goethe, Viaggio in Italia (1786 - 1788)
The Documentation Center of Piano wants to represent the heart of the historic memory of Piano del Voglio, a town of the Alto Appennino Bolognese.

It holds a cultural heritage that comes from remote centuries,but also from much recent periods. It conserves, in fact, a very large number of documents produced by public offices, that have been classified in chronological order, starting from the Middle Ages up to present days.

Inside this wide, archivistic-documentary collection is possible to consult testimonies about the historical events concerning the families De Bianchi, Ranuzzi and Morelli. Inside specific boxes are accurately conserved documents of great storiographic interest. Between the catalogued issues we find: photostatic copies of ancient original documents, heraldry, wall inscriptions, votive witnessings, photographic documents, deeds concerning Piano during the priorate and municipal staying period, news about bodies and institutions of the town government, biblioographic extracts, photograpic census of fountains, wells and sources of the Piano area, cartography and planimetry of buildings of different ages.

The documentary collection presents also cards about: buildings of particular historic and architectonic interest, limbs and trades, celebre people, mills, and other hydraulic factories of the Piano territory. The archivistic patrimony of the Documentation Center of Piano is completed by the bachelor thesis about local history, negative films and transparencies of its territory. In the Documentation Center of Piano constantly continues to flow documentations of various institutions and a lot of material shared gratuitamente by privates.

All the documentation conserved in the Center, except the one subject to particular ristrictions dues to privacy, can be freely consulted by Italian and foreign citizens, who can take vision of it in the appropriate study hall.

Moreover the Documentation Center of Piano carries on formation activities, organizing in collaboration with schools’didactingdirections, studying days emprunted on the methodology of the research on field.

Author:Maurizio Valentini founder and president of the Piano Documentation Center.